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Last Will & Testament

This product is a legal binding document that will uphold in court and avoid fees and family arguments. It allows all of your assets to be properly passed down to your loved ones. This product comes with a Living Will that allows you to assign who is responsible for what happens to you, if you were to get into an end state condition. If you are looking for a peace of mind, this is for you.

Child Safe Kit

This product is for individuals to be proactive with children under the age of 16. The kit goes hand and hand with the amber alert system and it provides the police officers with information to save time and begin a search. It comes with an ink strip for fingerprinting of both hands. This kit should be placed in a safe place with you at all times.

AIL Plus Program

The AIL Plus program connects members to 10-85% discounts on dental care, prescriptions, diabetic supplies, vision care and supplies, telemedicine, chiropractic care and more. This card can be used after personal insurance is applied.

Asset Protection

These products include but are not limited to:

  • Final Expenses

  • Medical Expenses

  • Long-Term Care Protection

  • Income Protection

  • Mortgage Protection

  • Rent Protection

  • Social Security Protection

  • Retirement Protection

  • Debt Protection

  • Cancer Protection

  • Critical Illness Protection

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